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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little Smarties!!!

I was so tired when I got home yesterday!!  All I wanted to do was rest, but we had a blast!  Yesterday was our Kindergarten field trip!  We visited Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, TX and then had lunch, played, and rode a carousel in the park.  It is the best trip!! Very inexpensive and ice cream is included!!  At Blue Bell, my kinders learned so much about how to make ice cream and I was so proud of them for all their brilliant questions and comments.  Our tour guide gave me lots of praises about how smart they are!!  :)  YES!!  At the beginning of the tour she tried to "dum" it down as she put it.  She started out trying to explain a picture about the old building they used to use before moving to this new one and explaining what they used it for and one of my kinders corrected her and said  "That is called a factory!"  She laughed and said yes you are right it is a FACTORY!!  Then we moved on and saw exactly where they make everything and they were asking what does that gear do?  And what is that machine?  I am with them everyday, I know they ask questions like that and we talk about things like that.  I just thought they were really doing a good job of behaving and paying attention, but as we were walking out, she stopped me and the administrator that came along to help to compliment us on how smart my class was and to tell me that she had NEVER seen such intelligent questions before especially from Kindergarteners!!  This is my first year to teach Kinder after teaching 1st for 5 years.  It is definitely a different world and I AM SOOOO VERY PROUD OF THEM!!   And thank goodness for blogs!! It has helped me become a better teacher!!


  1. That is what I tell my daughter (middle school special needs teacher) is a teacher moment. Write them down and look at them when you are having a rough day. They will make you smile when there wasn't one to begin with!

  2. I love that field trip as well-how can you beat learning about how they make ice cream? Glad your kiddos were so impressive-I'm always surprised when others underestimate what our Kinders can think about! :)


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