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Sunday, April 15, 2012

First time for everything!!

Friday was crazy busy!  We had lots of things we had to finish, kindergarten grad pictures, and report cards to go out!  I was walking my students out to the playground to meet the coach for P.E. and one of my little girls, "Little Susie"  said Mrs. Lamia something is on me!  Of course, I was thinking it was just her imagination or some sort of bite, so I said Little Susie come here and let me see!  She was pulling at her ear so I pulled back her hair and pulled down her ear to see the back and there definitely was something on her!  A TICK!!  I quietly freaked, quickly grabbed it and threw it on the ground.  I was cringing inside but I calmly took her to the nurse and we checked her hair and clothes.  Didn't find anything else, but the nurse said to me "So did you save the tick?"  SAVE THE TICK???  UMMM NO!  That was definitely the last thing on my mind!  I remembered that I had thrown it on the sidewalk, so I ran back down the hall to see if I could find.  Sure enough it hadn't gone far, and another teacher and I found it.  She scooped it up in a sheet of notebook paper and I took it back down to the nurse.  She wrapped it in scotch tape to send it home to the parents.  The whole rest of the day I felt like something was crawling on me!!  This is my 6th year teaching and another first for me!  You just never know what your day is going to hold.


  1. Yikes! That would freak me out too! My only experience close to that is a very very bad case of head lice on a little girl in my class. You could see the lice crawling on the shafts of her hair. Oh my bugs make me itch!

  2. This made me giggle! I live in a rural area and ticks are liable to be crawling around anywhere. I have had kiddos who have had them stuck to their heads, ears and other unmentionable areas. I can do the head and ears, but the other body parts are up to the nurse to deal with. :)

    I'm your newest follower!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

    1. I live out in the sticks!! Major dirt roads and lots of country so I have seen them on animals but never a child and I can't imagine finding them anywhere else!! You would think they would feel something crawling on them before then!
      Thanks for following! I already follow you too!!