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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giveaway- It's New to Me!!

Lately, I have been evaluating my year so far and thinking about some things I would like to add for next year!! I have been working really hard on coming up with some new items that are almost done.   I also just opened my Teacher's Notebook Shop and would like to get the word out!!  Sooooooooo  
I am having my first Giveaway!   From now until May 5th!!  Let's see how this goes!!
5 Lucky winners will get my Kindergarten Readiness Packet as well as a few surprises!! 
 There are 3 ways to enter!!
1. Follow my blog and comment that you did so
2. Follow my Teachers Notebook Store and leave a comment here that you did so
3.  Post about my Giveaway on your blog and comment that you did so leaving the link

Good Luck!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I just LOVE all of the stuff from Heidisongs!!  It is so awesome!!  The kids love the songs and the activities are so enriching!!  We have been working on all the Sounds Fun Phonics  and Word Families stuff lately!!  Take a look at a few of the worksheets!  If you haven't heard her songs you definitely should!!  Check out a few on YouTube!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Day Sale!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

First time for everything!!

Friday was crazy busy!  We had lots of things we had to finish, kindergarten grad pictures, and report cards to go out!  I was walking my students out to the playground to meet the coach for P.E. and one of my little girls, "Little Susie"  said Mrs. Lamia something is on me!  Of course, I was thinking it was just her imagination or some sort of bite, so I said Little Susie come here and let me see!  She was pulling at her ear so I pulled back her hair and pulled down her ear to see the back and there definitely was something on her!  A TICK!!  I quietly freaked, quickly grabbed it and threw it on the ground.  I was cringing inside but I calmly took her to the nurse and we checked her hair and clothes.  Didn't find anything else, but the nurse said to me "So did you save the tick?"  SAVE THE TICK???  UMMM NO!  That was definitely the last thing on my mind!  I remembered that I had thrown it on the sidewalk, so I ran back down the hall to see if I could find.  Sure enough it hadn't gone far, and another teacher and I found it.  She scooped it up in a sheet of notebook paper and I took it back down to the nurse.  She wrapped it in scotch tape to send it home to the parents.  The whole rest of the day I felt like something was crawling on me!!  This is my 6th year teaching and another first for me!  You just never know what your day is going to hold.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


My internet at home is out and so I haven't had time to find a place to post anything from lately.  I have lots to catch up on!!

TODAY-  It has been a very long and eventful day for my Kinder Kids and I.  Today was Parent Involvement Day.  We started off the morning with an awesome presentation from our Reading Specialist!  When met her first husband, they moved to a reservation in AZ and they lived there with there children for about 20 years.  She did a wonderful presentation about customs, taught the kids some word in Hopi, showed us lots of pictures, and brought some items to show us.  Then we came back to the room to do some art.  Meanwhile..... I had baby ducks in a box covered up in the back of the room and no one noticed.  (a couple of kids glanced back there with a weird look but no one said anything!!  LOL!!)  Then, the Game Warden came to talk to us about his job.  Next, it was time for P.E. and then we rushed in, got cleaned up and headed to the parking lot, where an ambulance was waiting for us!!  Everyone wanted to lay on the stretcher and Mrs. Heine was volunteered to be the guinea pig!!  Yea!! They strapped her down and flipped her over (see pic below)  and the kids even got to get into the ambulance.  They loved it!  Just as we were finishing up an helicopter flew really low over us!  Sooooo Coooool!  So we quickly got our stuff and went to lunch.  Because right after lunch, we got to go see the helicopter too!  Two very nice state troopers talked to us and showed us their helicopter.   Everyone also go to jump up into the backseat and take a look around!  This was definitely our favorite part, because we couldn't STOP  talking about it!!  Then we headed back to our room and put our head down on our desk to cool down a minute (and still no one noticed the sounds!!) and we did a little work, dyed some eggs, and finally I gave them a hint so we played with the ducks!  Then we went to recess for a few minutes, then headed back to the football field to see the helicopter off, and then back to the building to get our bags and do our Easter Egg Hunt!!  Finally, time to go home!! WHAT A DAY!!